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HealthyPreview is an online community dedicated to the accessible sharing of health, fitness, and nutrition information. We are committed to providing reliable information to promote healthier living.

Contributors include various healthcare professionals and wellbeing enthusiasts. Like a library, HealthyPreview is an aggregate of information drawn from a variety of sources including, but not limited to textbooks, standard medical and professional journals, and other online resources.

We break down the sometimes complicated worlds of drugs, disease, standard and alternative treatment options, and general health and wellness into easily digestible and often entertaining articles to make health research a more pleasant and informative experience.

HealthyPreview is not intended to replace medical advice or serve as a substitute for personal medical care. Contact your local healthcare professional to address any serious medical issues – and to address your personal medical condition and history.

Healthy Preview and Science-Based Health

Everyone deep down wants good health for themselves and family. We have found most people simply don’t have the tools or resources to find out the information they need and I mean really need.

We examine the science and claims behind healthy foods, products, and items and test a lot of them to see for ourselves.  It’s easy to make a claim about some product making you healthy, but we need to know for sure it’s true.

The good news is, there are some amazing things you can do and eat to be your healthiest YOU.  We just want to help.

Everyone at Healthy Preview has a vested interest in understanding which exercise is the best, which foods are optimal and which products work to keep us not only feeling good but looking great.


The Importance Of Good Health

There is simply nothing more important than being healthy, that’s why in times of great stress people quip: “at least you have your health”.  Indeed.

We all understand that many things can be replaced, remade, but loved ones are far too important for platitudes and flippant contrived notions.

We promise to sift through the claims, look at the science and data and even test things on ourselves to make sure you get an unbiased opinion.

Too many people make unsubstantiated claims, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great health products that work and do exactly what they’re supposed to do.  Trust us, there are many.

Eat right and feel the benefits.  There are many old adages you might be familiar with like “an apple a day” or “early to bed, early to rise”, but which are scientifically proven and which pieces of conventional wisdom are misleading or even untrue?


How We Can Help

We want to help you eat good food, exercise right and look good.  So many diets make claims, which diets work? So many superfoods, but which “superfoods” really are super, or are they all hype?

We have looked at scientific publications and have searched for hard evidence because if it’s important, we need to know and we want to tell you.

We also want you to keep coming back for more.

Got a suggestion or a request? Let us know in the comments section.

You want real information and you’ve come to the right place.

Am I getting enough sleep, or am I getting too much – It seems there are not only happy mediums but that we are always in a constant state of re-evaluation.  So much so, that it can even stop you sleeping.  UGH!


Science Is Key

We use scientific information as proofWe believe in research, that’s why everything you read here, from the fun article to the more serious, are all based on research.   Writers at Healthy Preview seek out science journals and quality studies using the acceptable methodology in order to make our case.  We have a fondness for natural cures, but never at the expense of efficacious results.  We always recommend you visit a medical professional if you have serious concerns.



Health Tips You Want

everybody be happy and healthyEverybody gets pimples, everybody ages.  We want to help you with those everyday problems and find the best solutions based on real science and evidence-based research.

Aging sucks. We all have to deal with it from puberty to old age, but what helps us get through it like knowing how to get rid of a breakout, through to understanding which foods slow aging or at the least give our skin more elasticity.

Fad diets come and go, but how are you to know which current diets are merely a short-term embarrassment meant to be laughed at in the future?  Don’t worry, we’re here to help.  We all know the cabbage diet was bad news but what about low carbs or low fat, or even high fiber diets?    We will examine them all and find which diets work for which people.

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health, but did you know some healthy foods contain oxalates which can cause kidney stones?  Don’t worry, though, this really only happens in people with a genetic propensity towards developing kidney stones. It’s useful to know if that happens to be you, though.

We believe it’s important to acquire as much information and make educated decisions for better health and a better life.



Wishing You The Healthiest Possible Life

healthiest lifeOur idea is that if everyone was that little bit healthier then maybe the world would be that little bit happier. We hope you enjoy our site and find what you’re looking for, but most of all, we wish you good health.

Thank you for joining us on our quest for health