The 10 Best Brain And Memory Supplements

brain and memory supplements caffeine affects brain

The 10 Best Brain And Memory Supplements

That Actually Work

Whether you’re studying, teaching, learning a new language or you just have to be “on” for any reason, you may find yourself needing the best brain boosting supplements you can get your hands on to get you through the day.

Let’s be frank: there’s a lot of crap on the market, but there are also some really useful individual substances that can actually help you focus and even assist your memory to function a little better.

We’ve put together a list of the most effective brain and memory supplements available and they all have quality, scientific evidence supporting them.

Of course, a healthy diet and lifestyle are the most important things you should focus on in order to provide the right environment for your brain, but nutrition supplements can help too.
Try these below for brain and memory enhancement.


10 Of The Top Brain Supplements Available

Starting With…


does ginkgo biloba help memory

10. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo supplementation is popular for those who wish to improve memory function and general mental proficiency. Also considered one of the latest trendy dopamine supplements, it has been widely used in Asia and now has made its way west.

The efficacy of ginkgo is hotly debated, with many arguments stating the benefits of ginkgo biloba lie in the anticoagulation effects similar to that of aspirin, whilst others insist it is merely a placebo effect.

What we do know is it is proven to be efficacious in dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers (1) which is why it deserve its place on this list.

One point of interest is that ginkgo biloba does contain antioxidants that can protect the brain from free radical damage and help maintain dopamine levels.

Of everything on this list, ginkgo biloba could be the memory enhancement supplement you try last but still has a positive effect anyway, so it’s your call.

Ginkgo Biloba Side Effects

Ginkgo can interfere with some liver medications as well as anti-seizure meds too.
It may be very dangerous when taken with antidepressants because of the risk of serotonin syndrome.

Blood thinning and blood pressure medications may also be affected by ginkgo biloba.


l glutamine side effects

9. L-Glutamine

Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that can supply the brain with fuel in times of stress and famine.

The body can actually cannibalize its own muscle tissue to find fuel but supplementing with L-Glutamine can prevent this type of muscle degradation.
Glutamine can improve your mood and decrease anxiety, which is why it’s one of those popular brain supplements students take on the morning of a big test after a night of studying hard.

L-Glutamine Side Effects

Some people can develop an allergy to Glutamine and may experience common allergic reaction signs such as swelling, heart palpitations, vomiting, rashes, muscle pain, and headaches.


taurine side effects
8. Taurine

For those vegetarians among you, it is of interest to note that taurine can only be found in animal products, so supplementation is the only way to increase Taurine intake.

Taurine is an antioxidant amino acid that can help the body fight cell damage from free radicals. These scavengers in the blood stream can attack the brain and effect tissue damage, so L-Taurine benefits the protection of brain cells and supplementation can help to prevent this possible damage.

These scavengers in the blood stream can attack the brain and effect tissue damage, so L-Taurine benefits the protection of brain cells and supplementation can help to prevent this possible damage.

Where does Taurine come from?

You may have heard some rumors about Taurine being derived from bulls urine or semen, that’s not true of course – Not even remotely.
Taurine is made in the lab like most synthesized amino acids… If that puts your mind at ease?

L-Taurine Side Effects

Some L-Taurine side effects may include: High doses may worsen bipolar disorder effects and could possibly interfere with some chemotherapy medications.


phosphatidylserine side effects

7. Phosphatidyl Serine

This interesting phospholipid substance has been shown to reduce stress hormone release and increase cognitive function.
Once thought to be mainly a supplement beneficial for the elderly, recent tests have shown efficacy in those young users who tried it.

Phosphatidyl Serine Side Effects

People who take phosphatidyl serine supplement doses above the recommended dosage might experience some trouble sleeping or possibly find themselves with an upset stomach.

huperzine benefits side effects

6. Huperzine A

(Next, In Top Brain Supplements You’ve Never Heard Of…)

This natural alkaloid has been shown to inhibit A.C.E (Angiotensin-converting enzyme) which is bad for the brain and memory function, thus Huperzine benefits anyone looking to boost their brain power.
Huperzine can mimic certain Alzheimer’s medication in suppressing cognitive degradation, ergo; delaying the effects of the disease.

Huperzine A Side Effects

There may be some negative interactions for epileptics and people with lung disease. Huperzine may also cause intestinal blockages and a reduction in heart rate.

cyanocobalamin side effects

5. Cyanocobalamin – The Brain Vitamin

Better known as Vitamin B12, Cyanocobalamin is crucial in memory function and it’s well established that Vitamin B12 benefits mental focus and general acuity.
All multi-vitamin supplements contain B12, but the minimum levels for efficacy should be at least 200mcg.

This is one of those memory enhancement supplements that is a must have in every household, but especially athletes, who may choose to inject themselves with a B12 serum.

Cyanocobalamin Side Effects

Side effects of Cyanocobalamin may include jitters, anxiety, swelling, becoming itchy and sweating. Anyone suffering from Leber’s Disease is warned to not take supplemental B12.



glycine benefits

4. L-Glycine

Oh, look – Another amino acid of the list of best brain and memory supplements (yes, but there’s only one more, that is a promise).

This particular amino acid can assist in the facilitation of neurotransmissions in the brain, meaning glycine benefits automatic cognitive function.

L-Glycine helps to improve your sleep quality and that’s a huge benefit to those who are working and studying. The role sleep plays in mental health can not be overstated, so it stands to reason you’ll be more alert and acting smarter on the back of a good sleep.

You can get glycine from protein sources, but it can be bought in supplement powder and pill form too.

A shortage of Glycine in the brain can actually have a very negative effect on your neurochemistry.

L-Glycine Side Effects

There have been infrequent reports of mild allergies resulting in vomiting and nausea.


acetyl carnitine benefits

3. Acetyl Carnitine

Okay, so 4 out of ten of the best brain boosting supplements are aminos of some description, but what makes Acetyl Carnitine so special?
Acetyl Carnitine crosses the blood-brain barrier in order to create a neuroprotective environment whereby it helps combat oxidative free-radical damage to brain tissue.

Where this amino really gets exciting, though, is how Acetyl Carnitine benefits memory function by assisting in the production of acetylcholine, which plays a vital role in cognitive function.

Acetyl Carnitine Side Effects

Side effects of Acetyl Carnitine may include: Dysentery, feeling nauseated, vomiting, headaches, stomach aches and interrupted sleep patterns.


fish oil and memory
2. Fish Oil & Good Fats

You were probably waiting for this one.

Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids essential for healthy brain function. Two to three caps of fish per day can provide you with the recommended daily requirement.
Many people report success taking fish oil for memory and brain function – This could be the reason why fish oil is one of the best selling supplements in America.

You need good fats in your diet and without the correct amounts, you can suffer serious effects.  Without enough fat, you can find yourself suffering from mental disorientation and loss of acuity. (2)

Did you know that fish oil caps are available in odorless form so that fishy smell can be avoided if that is an issue for you?

Fish Oil Side Effects

Excessive consumption of fish oil can result in anticoagulant properties in the blood, reducing the possibility of blood clotting and may also impede the body’s ability to fight infection.


caffeine affects brain

1. Caffeine – The Ultimate Brain Power Booster

For mental alertness, it is hard to surpass caffeine for its ability to keep you focused and sharp. It’s been well established in the science community (3) (with a little off the record self-testing too) that it has been proven time and again that caffeine affects brain power and cognitive function.

If you need a temporary boost to increase your intelligence, caffeine might be the go-to for your needs.

Small irregular doses work best to prevent adaptation to the drug effects of caffeine.

Caffeine Side Effects

Just be aware that caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and as such should be treated with a certain degree of caution.

Excessive quantities of caffeine can lead to psychoactive over stimulation, so be careful to use caffeine pills or products containing caffeine in moderation.

This is one of those brain and memory supplements that works but needs careful moderation, as it may affect your sleep, which in turn can make your tired and less effective.
A possible double-edged sword.


So, That’s Our List Of 10 The Best Brain And Memory Supplements


There is no one particular miracle pill to help you create amazing feats of mental acuity, however, when used in combination with a sensible diet and healthy lifestyle, these brain and memory supplements may elicit a modest change in memory, concentration, and intellectual aptitude.

Eating good food in your diet is key to providing great brain nutrition. Supplements could add that little something extra you need, but there’s no substituting real nutrients and good health for a few pills. Don’t make the mistake of replacing real, whole foods with pills and powders, but do use these brain And memory supplements in addition to a proper diet.

“Take supplements in accordance with the directions given on the bottle and never exceed doses, and of course, consult a physician before undertaking any diet regimen”

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