Child Nutrition: Help Your Child Be Healthy

The food your child eats is important not only now but also for the rest of his or her life. A small child is going to need various types of foods for energy to play, grow, and to build a healthy body. Muscles and bones are forming over the first fifteen years of life, and when eating the right types of foods and including smart nutrition your child is more likely to avoid sickness and to ward off some types of disease.

Your child’s nutrition

Your child’s nutrition is going to start with you. You child is going to see what foods you eat, and when you are more likely to eat them, and your child is going to build their own habits from those habits he or she sees you following. If you eat breakfast on the go, all the time, your child will feel this is normal and ok, but you should be sitting down to a breakfast every morning for good nutrition basics. Even if you are eating a bowl of cereal or you are enjoying a glass of juice, taking five minutes will encourage better eating habits.

Nutrition for your child’s health

Healthy beginnings start with fruits, vegetables and good portions of meats. The food pyramid is going to be important in the early stages of life so that your child will learn to eat many types of foods, and not only the foods they like the taste and looks of. Giving your child many options in life will help them pick foods that are better for them in the long run. Healthy children are not going to eat burgers and fries for every meal, but they will have a well-rounded life with nutrition builders such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and variations of these builders.

Teaching good habits for your child’s nutrition awareness will start with reading labels. Learn about what preservatives and additives are in some of the foods you are eating, and then talk about these with your child as they grow. Include foods that are all natural, or that contain very little preservatives for a solid start in their understanding of nutrition.

Guiding Children to Good Nutrition

Giving your child the proper nutrition is one of the great ways parents can give to them. Teaching them to eat healthy foods will promote proper body development and it can help prevent diabetes and obesity. Here are some guides for you to follow.

  • Food Pyramid. Having with you a food pyramid will guide you on what they should really eat and how to balance it. Also, it gives you guide on how many servings must be served.
  • The size of serving. Even if you have the food pyramid you still have to follow what is the given serving on each food they are eating. Right there, it has instructions what you should have to serve on a day.
  • What your child should not eat. Being responsible parents, you should be careful on what food you are giving to them like fatty and meaty foods. You should substitute whole milk with skim or reduced-fat milk. If you are cooking foods, make sure that the oil you are using is unsaturated like olive oil. Also, check the label and its nutritional facts so that you will know if it is too fatty or just right.
  • Children who are picky. There are times that a child starts to be picky on the food they just want to eat. But do not tolerate them about it. You can just experiment on the food and let them feel that is more rightful to eat than the one he or she wants to eat.