Become More Intelligent And Increase Your IQ

Increase Your IQ

How To Become More Intelligent And Increase Your IQ

According To Science

No one likes to be the dummy in the room just like no one want to be the stinky kid in class, so how does one go toe to toe with the obviously intellectual and not feel stupid?

You increase your IQ (intelligence quotient).

Wanting to increase your IQ means you want to be smarter, mentally sharper and you are willing to execute the effort needed and are prepared to hone your skills.

Curiosity helps a lot too. The old adage “if you’re not interested, you’re not interesting” couldn’t be apter.   Being curious opens new doors to learning opportunities as you satisfy your need to understand.

Seeing as you’re already here, maybe you qualify?


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Can You Increase Your IQ And Get Smarter?

Neuroplasticity Says Yes

It has been scientifically proven that an individual’s intelligence, ergo; their IQ can be increased through intellectual stimulation and learning.

Neuroplasticity shows that we mere mortals can still shape our minds and get smarter.

It can be done and it will be done if you apply the effort and use the tools you find here today.

Every decade the average IQ increases 3 points. Now is the time to decide if you want to excel or fall behind… Which will it be for you?


neuroplasticity definition

Why By Definition, Neuroplasticity Means You Can Become More Intelligent

For decades in the past there was an idea that a person’s intelligence was unchangeable and deadlocked. It was thought that the formation of the brain’s cortical organization during formative years, was set in stone and unable to be changed.

This notion that your intelligence quotient will be stagnant in adulthood could be anti-motivational and may well result in disesteem for anyone wanting to get smarter and increase their intelligence.

Neuroplasticity is the changing state of the neural wiring of the brain. This dynamic state of the brain’s cortical mapping augurs the possibility of rewiring your brain towards a more intelligent state.

This heartening neuroplasticity definition means you can get more intelligent and raise your IQ.



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Building A Smarter Mind

Many people who want to join high IQ societies like Mensa and The Prometheus Society often want to “bump” their IQ and buffer their score with some intense study.

There are ways to perform well in IQ tests and certain formulas will assist you to aggregate better scores.

It is true that learning in one area can increase intelligence in another as your brain wires itself and creates a more efficicient neural pathway system.


definition neuroplasticity

Why Neuroplasticity Is Compelling

What we know about synaptic plasticity is that much like muscles in the body, if a synapse is not in use, it weakens.

If a synapse is used frequently it becomes stronger and more effective.
This makes a compelling case for staying mentally sharp into the years.

The mental degradation seen in the elderly can be reduced by utilizing intellectual stimulation.

The Brain – Immutable?

It is amazing that up until not so long ago in history, we believed the brain to be so static and immutable in its nature, that intelligence was fixed and unchangeable.
Knowing that this isn’t, in fact, the case means that a person of average intelligence, with some hard work and time, can increase their intelligence to a degree.

Beating Alzheimer’s

There is evidence to suggest that intellectual pursuits are very helpful in the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease.
This alone should be motivation to do this morning’s crossword puzzle.
The mental health benefits of cerebral stimulation are well documented, but the prevention of mental degradation is too powerful a benefit to ignore.

Instant Intelligence Gratification

Do you know that reading this just made you a little smarter?
The neural pathways in your brain taking a meta-analysis of itself, create a synaptic circuitry wiring at a microscopic level

Every time you do something stimulating to the mind, the brain changes a little, for the better.


how do i become genius
Tips To Increase Your Intelligence

To get smarter, you need to start somewhere.  Try these individual techniques to boost your brain power and increase your intelligence.


relax your mind

1. Relax Your Mind & Body

The mind absorbs information and processes information far more efficiently and effectively during times of relaxation, so learn in a quiet, comfortable environment.

Stress and distraction only serve to channel your focus away from peak intellectual performance, so you must take steps to ensure you create a reduced stress lifestyle to ensure your concentration is laser sharp.

It’s been shown that the amygdala’s response during times of stress decreases non-stimuli based learning capabilities (though increasing memory retention of stimuli based experiences).

There’s never been a better reason to just chill out.


exercise your body and mind

2. Exercise The Body Not Just Your Mind

The benefits of exercise to the human body are more than just the perceived aesthetic enhancement to one’s appearance. The positive effects of cardiovascular exercise on the vascular and the endocrine system serve to improve blood flow to the brain and release intelligence increasing hormones that maximize your aptitude.

Studies show that physical exercise can strengthen brain tissue and decrease cellular degeneration as you age, making your workouts more important than you may have previously imagined.

So get out and hit the pavement.


sleep well

3. Get High Quality Sleep

Inadequate sleep leaves the body tired and the mind cloudy, so do everything you can to eliminate noise, light and temperature extremes before you turn in for the night.

Sleep enables the brain to receive a hard-earned break, but if you don’t give it the rest it needs then you may have a problem have in the form of a decrease in mental aptitude.

Increasing your IQ in a sleep deprived state is nearly an impossibility.


sugar is bad for the brain
4. Avoid High G.I Sugar

If you want to obtain peak mental performance you will have to avoid high glycemic index sugars like the plague, because sharp rises in blood sugar can reduce cerebral ability and can actually cause cellular damage.

We don’t want that now, do we?

Eat only low G.I foods to keep your energy constant and your brain fed the smart way.


curiosity increase intelligence

5. Get Interested

We talked above about the effects of curiosity on propelling learning and it couldn’t be more relevant to those of you wishing to increase your IQ because the thirst for knowledge begets more knowledge and in turn can make you a more interesting person.

All the stories you can apprise when you learn new things can assist in making intelligent and interesting anecdotes your forte.

Find new things that tempt your curiosity and learn as much as you can, then you can begin to be the authority on various subjects and you’ll increase your general knowledge.
You can be the one dropping knowledge “bombs” at parties. If you know enough interesting facts, you’ll never have to awkwardly look for a segue ever again.


mental barriers

6. Break Down Mental Barriers

Assumptions, mysticism, and generalizations can be the hallmark actions of a lazy mind.

You must learn to ask for real, informative and precise answers or you will fall into the trap that many lazy thinkers do, then your ability to make critical evaluations will be severely diminished.

Never generalize unless it is a critically reasoned estimation, never make assumptions based on very little information and beware of emotionally driven mysticism. Seek out facts and reasoned arguments and even then, ask questions about the methodology.

Skepticism is the best application to deal with outrageous claims of fantasy.

Being skeptical doesn’t mean being close minded or arrogant, no, not at all, you should always maintain an open mind and an optimistic attitude for your own mental health.
Be prepared to face a lifetime of information, some of which is purposefully deceptive and needs intelligent critiquing.


exercise your brain

7. Exercise Your Mind

The brain needs to be trained and worked hard to increase your intellectual performance, so you must keep your mind active by engaging in tasks that will sharpen your mental skills and amplify cerebral function.

Games such as word puzzles are a wonderful way to exercise the mind and entertain yourself.

Completing accurate IQ test puzzles can boost your intellective aptitude as well as giving you an insight into what sort of questions these tests ask.

People who complete IQ tests increase their ability to perform well when applying their understanding of said tests when they do them again.

Chess is still widely considered to be one of the most intellectual pastimes of the modern era and is a lot of fun to play.

There are professionally designed games that can help you train your brain with fantastic results.

Does reading make you smarter?

Yes. Reading is an intellectually stimulating exercise that has been repeatedly proven to activate neural pathways and increase intelligence.


how to think like a genius -listen to opposing views

8. Consider Opposing Views

The arguments of others can help you to learn things that you may not have considered beforehand.

Most highly intelligent people fall into the trap of thinking they are right simply because they are superior in intelligence to others. This intellectual fallacy will eventually catch up with them as they take this lazy approach to debating issues.

This intellectual fallacy will eventually catch up with them as they take this lazy approach to debating issues.

Opposing views can give you a valuable insight towards making a decision, so you should never only search for arguments that only back up your own, long-held points. Instead, consider a broad range of viewpoints on a given topic to ensure you make the correct analysis.

The internet is full of echo-chambers that will help you reinforce what you already believe, but this confirmation bias won’t assist your cerebral advancement at all.

Understanding why others hold differing viewpoints and what those beliefs mean to them will give you a wider base of perception and consideration.


does reading books make you smarter

9. Speed Reading

Speed reading can increase your efficiency and help you gain a greater level of information in a shorter period of time.

This is useful when researching a given subject or learning large blocks of new information.

Investigate speed reading to increase your ability to gather more knowledge and by extension, a higher IQ.


non dominant hand

10. Use Your Non-Dominant Hand

If you are right handed use your left and vice versa to use and develop different neural pathways, creating ambidexterity.

The use of your non-dominant hand can increase skills and teach you to access parts of the brain that you wouldn’t otherwise use.


breath for health and mind

11. Breathe

This is more complicated than it may initially seem, you see the fact that oxygen is vital for proper brain function is well known, however, the fact that the length of breath is also related to the breadth of attention is not as well known.

Long controlled breaths not only create a greater oxygen intake but they also serve to let the brain know that air is plentiful and that the brain can focus on complex tasks.

During times of stress, the body breathes in short sharp bursts in a shallow manner, while the brain loses focus and the ability to concentrate at peak levels.
Learn to take slow, long and deep breaths to enhance your concentration.


improve your memory

12. Improve Your Memory

Retaining larger quantities of knowledge naturally can increase your IQ and boost your brain power, so gaining quality memory improvement skills are a valuable path to follow in the quest for maximum potential.

Look to learn skills that will help you remember names and numbers, statistics and quotes, so you can build a larger base of memorized information.


creativity and intelligence

13. Be Creative

Use your creativity to draw, paint, sculpt and create.

This can help you access sections of the brain that you may not currently use and strengthen your abilities in those areas.


write a book

14. Write A Book

Writing can be a rewarding pastime.

You can learn a lot on new information from research and you can discover new interests as well as creating something which you can be proud of.
Writing can exercise your mind and give you much enjoyment in seeing your new creation come to life.

This can be one of the most enjoyable past times whilst simultaneously increasing your intelligence.


don't stress your mind

15. Delegate Your Anguish

Don’t let distractions interfere with your development, look to focus only on those things that are pertinent to you and your situation, not the things that you can neither control nor involve yourself in.

Delegate tasks that are of no value to you and keep your precious time and energy focused on an environment of intellectual stimulation and appreciation.

Mental anxiety can only impede you from trying to increase your intelligence, so put your foot down on emotional distractions.


mental tools

Applying Intellectual Development Tools

The solution to training your brain for improvement is to find out which of these tips you enjoy and practice them on a regular basis, setting aside time every day to exercise your mind.

Be sure to find puzzles and games that you enjoy and participate frequently.

Computer games don’t count unless they are specifically engineered towards training your mind, though many games train your reflexes which could be argued is part of your intellectual capacity.

Never take your mind for granted or you could gradually lose IQ points as you stop using your brain and take on other less scholarly pursuits of less cerebral value.


measuring intelligence

Measuring Your Intelligence

If you confidently build up your intellectual capacity then chances are that you will want to know where you stand in relation to other smart people.  An accurate IQ test can help you know exactly what level you are on.

The American Psychological Association have an interesting take on intelligence tests here.

You’ll probably go through a lot of scholastic testing in your life and there are many ways to test one’s intelligence such as the:

Intelligence Quotient Test

Student Aptitude Test

Writing Aptitude Test

Wechsler Intelligence Test

Perhaps you’ve even participated in one of these already?


can you increase your iq

 Can You Increase Your IQ?


There’s no doubting that in the modern world, intelligence is important now and those individuals who seek to make improvements can be rewarded for their efforts with a sharper wit, a stronger will, better judgment and a wider repertoire of knowledge.

All of which can improve their lives.

Aiming for higher intellectual pursuits undoubtedly helps you become more intelligent and increases your IQ.   You could also possibly help to stave off the degrading effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s certainly worth thinking about.

So, can you increase your IQ?

Yes, you certainly can.

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Bari828 - November 6, 2017

Great article. I believe the key to intelligence is constant mental stimulation but also remaining relaxed enough to absorb the details. Stress just kills information retention, so somehow reducing stress will always help with long and short-term cognitive function.

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