Combat Sitting Disease and Improve Your Health

What is the Sitting Disease?

We all know that exercise is good for us. But did you know that simply moving more throughout the day has benefits as well? There is an epidemic referred to as sitting disease and it doesn’t just affect couch potatoes. Even those who work out hard at the gym but lead a sedentary lifestyle the rest of the time are also at risk for what is referred to as sitting disease.

Is Sitting Disease Real?

Sound crazy? The fact is, studies show that living a sedentary lifestyle, where you spend hours at a time at a desk or watching tv can have a negative impact on your health. In fact, some experts say it is more dangerous than smoking.

Just think about how modern conveniences has made our lives easier over the last several decades. We drive to work and maybe sit at a desk all day. And even though we may have chores to tend to, modern times has made those chores so much easier and less time consuming.

This lack of activity (for sometimes hours on end) can put us at serious risk for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Prevent Sitting Disease

You may wonder how you can combat sitting disease when you do sit at a desk all day. Luckily there are some strategies that can help even the most sedentary.

Becoming more active will not only reduce your health risks from sitting disease, it can also make your feel less sluggish. Do you or a loved one suffer from depression? Studies have shown that prolonged sitting often leads to depression as well.

Chronic sitters often suffer from insomnia as well. Luckily you may find that as you move more throughout the day you probably sleep more restfully at night.

The nice thing about being more active is that the more you move, the more you will want to move. We have all seen that commercial about a body in motion staying in motion. But you might be wondering how you will fit exercise into what is probably an already hectic day (especially if you are already working out several times a week).

The good news is there are plenty of small tweaks that you can do throughout the days that will insure that you are moving more. Getting into the habit of simply moving more might take some practice but over time it will feel like second nature.
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Get in More Steps Each Day

No time for long walks? No problem! Invest in a good fitness tracker such as a Fitbit and aim to walk 10,000 steps per day. You may not always reach that target but simply wearing a fitness tracker will most likely inspire you to move more. There are several styles available that are designed to be worn on your wrist, your waist band, or even hooked to your bra.

Fitness trackers are great, with many models available that not only track your steps but keep track of calories burned as well. Some models will also monitor your sleep patterns and even let you know how many active minutes you have had each day.
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It isn’t always easy to get up and walk around during work hours but if you are able to, by all means stand up, stretch and take short walks throughout the day, even if it means hand delivering a message to a coworker instead of sending an email. The more you move the better. If your job does give you the option to stand (such as working behind a counter instead of a desk) then by all means try standing more often.

Other Strategies to Avoid Chronic Sitting Disease

In the evenings you can get up and walk around during tv commercials or how about pacing back and forth while on the phone? You can also make household chores a little more challenging by squeezing in more steps. Try putting laundry away one piece at a time or pacing back and forth while you are setting the table or cleaning up the kitchen.

These are just a few ideas to help combat sitting disease. There are also several good books available that go in depth on the sitting disease epidemic as well. Below you will find several different books available on Amazon as well as pricing and reviews.

Sitting disease does not have to affect your life. And if more energy, better sleep and an overall feeling of well being sounds good to you then why not give it a try? And not only will you reduce your risks for several chronic health issues, you may just start losing excess weight as well. And no doubt these healthy changes will motivate you to eat better as well!